Covid 19 info

8/3 2022:
There are currently no restrictions on entry into Denmark.

UPDATED 31/3 2021:

Our general rental conditions currently apply to all Danish tenants, as assembly in a holiday home is not prohibited. For tenants outside Denmark, please contact us by email and we will let you know what the conditions are for you as soon as possible.
Should there be any further announcement by our industry association and / or legislation that changes this, we will update here.

Regarding the latest Covid-19 initiatives, we recommend the following to our guests:

All guests will be tested for Covid-19 prior to arrival.

The toilets are shared between the guests.

All contact surfaces are cleaned regularly during the stay.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. However, you can expect a longer response time than usual as we receive many inquiries.

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Mobile: 27847881